Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yearning To Be An Adult

As a kid,
you wonder
how to be an adult
to talk
to walk
to behave like them
is one of our favorite pastimes.
We never get enough
of it.
We anticipate 
the day when we
finally turn to adults.
When we get to do
what we want.
Freedom, no care
and superiority
all these
glittered like gems 
in our childish eyes.
Waiting for us to
grab them
and enjoy them.
But I guess
the saying
"all that glitters is not gold"
is very much true.
It really isn't what
we had thought it out be.
What we had 
seen as glittering gems,
was nothing but,
shiny rock.
Rocks that were
buried underneath 
countless layers of
responsibility, fears,
doubts, insecurities
and judgment.
That by the time 
we even get to the
shiny rocks
they have already
lost their shine
and are brittle
After having born
such burden.
I guess, 
being an adult is not
all its made out to be.
For I long for the
that I wasted 
yearning to be an adult.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Black Hole

seems lost,
like a fog,
it settles around me.
Thick and unforgiving,
making my sight
Don't know
which path I have taken,
Don't remember
the path I had taken
Reality and fantasy
Dream and nightmare
Don't know
one from the other
Merging into each other
like a complicated maze
from which
the key is hidden from me
to its escape.
Like a black hole
this feeling
sicks me in
till there is no more to take
and no more to give.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Is that so much to ask for.
All I ask for
are those, few hours
of peace and content
yet, it is
too much, for you
as you
cannot see happiness
in my eyes.
It is too much for you,
like the high you get
from keeping
a person's happiness
in your palm.
The ability to
crush and destroy
or create.
You love it,
that's why
you like the tears in my eyes
for me to break down
But I won't
give you that
I will be strong,
you will not see
my tears,
as you are not
worthy of them.
I will not break,
You cannot
break me.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

seems lost.
Like a fog
it settles
around me.
Thick and unforgiving
making my sight
Dont know which
path I've taken
Don't remember
the path I had taken
Reality and Fantasy
Dream and Nightmare
Dont know
one from other
Merging into each other
like a
complicated maze
from which the
key is hidden from me
to its escape
Like a black hole
this feeling
sucks me in
till there is no more to take
and no more to give.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Black and white
Evil and good,
The 2 sides of
The same coin.
One cannot exist without the other
Because without one
The other would
Lose its value.

Angel and Devil
One makes the other.
If there was no Devil
Would anyone consider
The angel good?!
The Devil's presence is what makes
The presence of an Angel important.

If there was no sadness
Would people ever
Value happiness.

Black and white
Evil and good
The 2 sides of the same coin.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Her Fire

The fire in her, burned
Bright and loud.
Her childlike laughter
Went round and round.
Toddling away she fell and slipped
She cried and screamed,
But never,
Did she stop.

As she grew,
To school she went
Teachers, rules and strict discipline
Was she taught.
Yet still no matter what
Her fire burned
Bright and loud.

As she grew,
She gained experiences,
Met new people
And experienced different situations.
She travelled the,
Hard and rough road
Complaining sometimes
Tears another,
But never quitting.

Now an old woman
With family around,
The laughter of her daughter
And daughter's daughter
Went round and round.
Her fire,
Though not so bright
Or loud,
Only a little subdued
Where her family and children
Will warm their hands
Against her knowledge and experience
The lessons of life,
She learned.

Her fire burned a
Little subdued.
Not so loud anymore,
Yet bright as ever.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Warning

The clouds are thundering,
Bolts of lightning,
Like swords of warning,
The rain peltin down on us,
Like a storm.
It seems as if,
The gods themselves,
Are furious and angry,
At the path we've taken.
Like a warning,
The lightning cracks,
To scare us, but
Its too late.
We've started and now can't turn back.
Our hearts are at stake now,
And we'd rather take hell, together
Than be apart in heaven.
Like a warning sign,
That we do not heed,
We go on and on,
Knowing the path will be rough,
But also knowing,
That no matter what,
We'll always be together

Monday, February 20, 2012

I Want

To kill,
To murder,
To torture you
I want.

To punch,
To fight,
To kick your ass,
I want.

Yes, I do want this
Because I hate you.
With every fiber of my being

I want,
To punish you
For every tear,
Every fear,
Every doubt
That  I have about myself,
I want
To punish you.

Its suffocating
To keep it inside,
So I write it down,
That I want
To punish you,
For every
Single wrong that
You have dont to me
Yes, I want.