Friday, October 12, 2012

Black Hole

seems lost,
like a fog,
it settles around me.
Thick and unforgiving,
making my sight
Don't know
which path I have taken,
Don't remember
the path I had taken
Reality and fantasy
Dream and nightmare
Don't know
one from the other
Merging into each other
like a complicated maze
from which
the key is hidden from me
to its escape.
Like a black hole
this feeling
sicks me in
till there is no more to take
and no more to give.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Is that so much to ask for.
All I ask for
are those, few hours
of peace and content
yet, it is
too much, for you
as you
cannot see happiness
in my eyes.
It is too much for you,
like the high you get
from keeping
a person's happiness
in your palm.
The ability to
crush and destroy
or create.
You love it,
that's why
you like the tears in my eyes
for me to break down
But I won't
give you that
I will be strong,
you will not see
my tears,
as you are not
worthy of them.
I will not break,
You cannot
break me.